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Market Your B2C Business With Bizzy

March 16th, 2011 ::

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new geolocation site in town.  Bizzy’s service is really very cool, so look them up for your own personal use.  But if you own a taste-based B2C company, like a restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, bar, club, clothing boutique, or home furnishings or accessories store, you have a potential new marketing tool at your disposal. Bizzy provides personalized business recommendations based on user preferences, not on professional reviewers, bloggers, or, as they say, generic people.

Here’s how it works: Users answer a set of 10 questions to get them thinking about their favorite places.  Then the Bizzy algorithm analyzes their answers, which are matched up with people in their area who have similar tastes.   Bizzy’s recommendations are based on the similar users’ recommendations and vice versa.  They use a really great example: a steak-loving executive on an expense account and a vegan college student are probably not going to love the same restaurants.

Because Bizzy is data-driven, the more people who use Bizzy, the better.  More data = more answers = better recommendations.  With their new Check Out mobile app for iPhone and Android, data should increase dramatically as users instantly register their thoughts on a business.  Users also have the ability to share those thoughts with their friends via Twitter and Facebook, which is great for you!

Bizzy is such a cool company, they even have a guide for businesses that starts out with this:

If you have ever printed a sale flyer and tacked it to the wall of your shop, your business should be on Bizzy.

Here’s how they’ll help you:


As people tag you as a favorite on Bizzy, you’ll get a nice little word-of-mouth campaign going.  You’ll reach more people, get recommended more, get tagged as a favorite more, and so on.

Content Sharing

You can even push out new content via Bizzy to the people who tagged you as a favorite.  It could be news, tips, special offers or events. The better the content, the better for you, because it’s also shown to people who don’t know you, but should know you based on their other favorites.

Social Media

The great content you share (you know, news, events and offers, that kind of thing) can be shared by Bizzy users on Facebook, Twitter, and by email.

Cutting Through Noise

We all get too much email, more tweets than we can read, and Facebook updates galore.  Bizzy will help you cut through the noise, since they are “a dedicated space where people come for the express purpose of finding their favorite local businesses and discovering new ones.”


Bizzy is free.  Enough said.

So, start telling your customers about Bizzy!  You can even register your business on Bizzy at the bottom of the Bizzy for Business page.

Image courtesy: Bizzy.com