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Web.com Small Business Toolkit: America’s Economy App (Census Bureau App)

April 12th, 2013 ::

America’s Economy App

Now you can keep your fingertips on the pulse of the American economy—wherever you are—with the government’s new app. Available for both Apple and Android phones and tablets, America’s Economy provides real-time updates for 16 key economic indicators from the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis. Some of the key economic measures include employment, manufacturing, international trade, retail sales, and residential construction and sales. The app allows the user to follow the U.S. economy as the government learns new data. You can see whether the indicator has gone up or down since the previous report, and trends over time.



Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Good Clean Fund (Crowdfunding Tool)

April 10th, 2013 ::

Good Clean Fund

Looking for an alternative crowdfunding source? Check out Good Clean Fund which promises more features and functionality (like a drag and drop editor) than Kickstarter—and it’s free. Good Clean Fund requires you to use PayPal or Stripe (to collect your money) and then you can begin to build your campaign. Enter in the basic details, connect with your Facebook and/or Twitter account, and you’re pretty much done. To make your crowdfunding campaign more enticing for investors, add videos, images and comments and more. You can easily play with the design of your crowdfunding page and update it during your campaign—you’re in charge.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Mailstrom (Email Organizer)

April 9th, 2013 ::


Yes, you can achieve Inbox Zero–well, according to Mailstrom, anyway. The company’s previous launch had a few hiccups, so they went back to the drawing board and have added server capacity, better queuing capabilities and more. The tool sorts through your inbox and helps you organize email to go through it faster. Mailstrom supports Gmail/Google Apps, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft Outlook.com/Hotmail, Aol and other IMAP-enabled email services. Once you’ve entered your email address, the tools lets you view messages by Sender, Size, Subject or Time (like Outlook) or, more helpful, filter for newsletters and ads and allow you to quickly unsubscribe.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Zavers by Google (Online Coupons/Rewards)

April 8th, 2013 ::

Zavers by Google

Google has done it again. The mega-giant has now added online couponing to its large portfolio of tools helpful to small businesses. Zavers by Google is an online marketing solution for small businesses looking to offer coupons, expand reward programs and track coupon redemption. Consumers can find the coupons on your website, add the digital coupons to their online cards, and have the savings automatically deducted at checkout. Coupons can originate from your store or from manufacturers.  Zavers by Google can also help you target specific coupons to specific customers; making things even easier, customers can integrate Zavers with Google Wallet.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Women Inventorz Network (Women Inventors Organization)

April 5th, 2013 ::

Women Inventorz Network

Have a great product you don’t know what to do with? May is National Inventors Month, and the Women Inventorz Network (W.I.N.) wants to help women inventors make their ideas a reality by providing the practical steps and know-how to do it. W.I.N., which is the only independent organization for women inventors in the U.S. and Canada, evaluates submitted products based on 10 criteria such as retail readiness, marketing, logo design, website effectiveness, etc., and provides guidance in making necessary improvements. Founders and inventing experts Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight wants W.I.N. to be a launch pad for women inventors to get their products found.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Business.com (Business Marketplace)

April 4th, 2013 ::


Check out the relaunch of an oldie, but goodie: Business.com. Since 1999, when the site first appeared on the scene, it has gone through many changes and owners. The makeover of the marketplace site is a reflection of the new developers, digital marketing experts, designers and a Ph.D. in human-computer interaction researching how active buyers use the Web to make purchasing decisions. Business.com still helps its visitors discover, compare and purchase the products and services they need. Start by selecting a category, from 401(k) plans to Web design services, and then answer a few questions to help the site narrow down your choices. Also, check out the helpful guides and articles to offer you advice with your decision.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Anoto Live (Digital Writing Solution)

April 3rd, 2013 ::

Anoto Live

Is the scanner going the way of the fax machine? If so, how will you get your handwritten forms into digital format? Anoto Live gives you the tools to turn your handwriting into digital text all by just handing you a pen—a special pen, of course. Anoto helps companies stay competitive by making it easier to receive and send data quickly. The new digital writing solution requires minimal user training and transforms any piece of paper into a live document that enables information to be sent instantly to any back-office system. Additionally, a complete image of the form is available if needed.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Mogreet Express (Text Messaging Platform)

April 2nd, 2013 ::

Mogreet Express

Mogreet Express is a self-service text messaging platform that gives small- and midsized businesses the power to initiate text message marketing campaigns and send multimedia messages (MMS)—all at their fingertips. MMS messages step up your mobile marketing game by creating visual customer interactions including video, pictures and audio. Text message marketing gives small businesses the highest open rate of all types of mobile marketing (98 percent), and Mogreet Express makes your messages more intriguing and therefore more memorable. Business owners are able to build a mobile customer database and drive sales with branded promotional offers.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: Eileen Fisher Business Grant Program (Grants for Women Entrepreneurs)

April 1st, 2013 ::

Eileen Fisher Business Grant Program

Designer Eileen Fisher started her business with just $350 in her savings account. Now she wants to help other women by inviting women-owned businesses to apply for her ninth annual Business Grant Program for Women Entrepreneurs. The program celebrates top women founders of innovative companies that foster environmental and economic health in their communities. Up to five grants of $12,500 each will be awarded to prospective applicants. Recipients will also attend a two-day conference in New York City, meeting with past beneficiaries and Eileen Fisher teams, in early 2014. Only for-profit businesses or for-profit/nonprofit hybrids (social enterprises) will be considered for this grant. The deadline is May 31, 2013.

Web.com Small Business Toolkit: PR Log (Press Release Distribution)

March 18th, 2013 ::

PR Log

Press releases still have the power to get you the marketing results you want, but how to get the release in front of the right eyes is always a challenge. PR Log is a free press release distribution service that users have found to get good Google search results. PR Log feeds to 40,000 RSS feeds so your release will make it to related sites. You can also add live links, videos and photos to add vibrancy to your releases. Social media integration is key, and PR Log can help you get the word out plus create daily and weekly alerts. Need some advice on how to craft a press release? Check out the helpful outline provided.