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Managing Domain Name Servers

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Adding an IPv6 record

To add an IPv6 AAAA (quad-A) record, please login to your Network Solutions® account and follow the Advanced User instructions on the Edit DNS page. Your request will be reviewed, authenticated, and processed within 24 to 48 business hours.                  

1. Log into Account Manager.

2. Click on nsWebAddress™ (Domains).

3. Click on Manage Domains.

4. Click on the selected Domain and the Domain Detail page will open.

5. Check the Designated DNS radio button and click on Apply Changes.

6. Click on Move DNS under Change Domain Name Servers.

7. Follow the Advanced User instructions in the box on the Edit DNS page and send an email with the appropriate information to

Advanced Users:

To specify your IPv6 name server address (IPv6 glue record), e-mail us the domain name, the host name of the name server(s), and their IPv6 address(es).