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Adding Content to Your Site

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Adding a Photo Album to Your Site

Add a Photo Album to your website to provide an easy way for visitors to view multiple photos on your site. Begin by logging into the Website Builder Tool from your Account Manager. Once logged in, you will find a list of your existing pages under the Website Overview tab. Select the Edit option for the page where you would like the Photo Album to appear, as illustrated in Figure A.

Figure A. Website Overview Tab

website overview

Click on the Photo Album option within the Page Elements menu and drag and drop the Photo Album to the desired location on your page.

Figure B. Drag and Drop Photo Album to Page

In the popup that appears, choose to add images from your website's Photos and Files Library or from your computer. Your Photos and Files Library contains photos that you already added to your website from your computer or from the Free Image Gallery. If you would like to display images from your Photos and Files folder, select the images that you would like to display and drag them to the area labeled Drop Images Here to Add then to the Photo Album, as illustrated in Figure C. Then click Continue.

Figure C. Select Photos from Your Photos and Files

If you choose to display images from your computer, click the Add button and browse your computer for the images that you would like display, as illustrated in Figure D. Once you have selected the images click on the Open option in the overlay. The images will now appear in the file list. Click on the Upload option to add them to your Photo Album. Then click Continue.

Figure D. Select Photos from Your Computer

Choose the Photo Album layout option you prefer, as illustrated in Figure E. Select Thumbnail Settings if you want to customize your Photo Album further.  For example, you can specify the number of thumbnail images that appear per row or the number of seconds delay for the rotating slide show. Click Add New if you would like to add additional images. Once you are happy with your Photo Album settings click Continue to display the album on your site. Make sure to click Publish to make these changes visible on the live version of your website. 

Figure E. Customize Photo Album Display Options

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