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Managing Your Site with Website Builder

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Adding Pages to Your Site

As your business grows, so will your website. To expand your website, you can easily add pages to it with our Website Builder Tool.

Begin by logging into the Website Builder Tool from your Account Manager. Once logged in, you will find a list of your existing pages under the Website Overview tab. To add a new page, click Add Page in the top right corner of the Website Pages area.

Figure A. Website Pages under Overview Tab

website overview

You can also add a new page from the left panel that appears in the Design & Layout, Page Editor or Add-ons areas of the tool. Simply click Add page above the list of your current pages or right-click any page on the list and select the Add page or Add subpage in navigation option.

Pages listed in the Pages Shown in Navigation section of the left panel automatically appear as part of the navigation bar on your published site. Pages not shown in navigation do not appear in your site global navigation even though they are part of your website.

Figure B. Adding Pages from Left Panel

left panel

In the Add a Page popup, enter your page name and select the type of page you would like to add.

Figure C. Add a Page Popup

add page

Use the New Page drop-down to create a blank page or choose from the list of pre-built pages. Pre-built pages come with pre-defined layouts and content recommendations that are best suited for a specific page. For example, the Products page will have areas where you can insert your product photos and descriptions.

Using the New Page drop-down, you can create an Intro Splash Page or the page that gets displayed first when someone visits your site. You can also add an External Link Page that resides somewhere else on the Internet but appears to be part of your website.

Use the Copy of Page drop-down to add a new page with the exact same content as one of your existing pages.

You can also create a subpage under one of your existing pages. Subpages appear indented in the list of pages in the Website Builder. On a live site, subpages appear as a drop-down menu under the top-level navigation options.

Once a new page is created, you will be able to add or edit its contents using tools available in the Design & Layout, Page Editor and Add-ons areas of the Website Builder Tool.

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