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Adding Content to Your Site

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Adding the E-referral Button to Your Site

You have built your website and now you want others to find out about it. One way to promote your site through online means is to place an eye-catching E-referral button directly on your pages. Visitors click this button to invite others to come to your website. The invitation will be in the form of an email with a brief custom greeting and your website URL. To add an E-referral button to your site using the Website Builder Tool:

1. Locate the E-referral option under the Add-ons tab within the Website Builder tool and drag and drop it to the desired location on your page.

Figure A. E-referral Button Option

ereferral button

2. In the popup window that opens, select if you want to make a copy of an E-referral button that you have added previously or create a new one. Press Continue.

Figure B. Selecting E-referral Button to Use

select ereferral button

3. On the next screen, specify the label and color for the button and enter the subject line and personalized message for the referral email.

4. Verify the website URL that will appear in the email and click Save.

Figure C. Customizing E-referral Button

customize ereferral button

5. The E-referral button should now appear on your page. To modify any of the settings, click the Edit button at the top of the content area.

As always, preview your site before publishing to make sure that the look and feel of the button meets your expectations. Your visitors will be able to use the E-referral button next time you publish your site.