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All about the Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard provides a quick view of all your Ad activity.  The Clicks and Leads Summary shows how many clicks and leads you're getting per day.  You can adjust the timeline of this chart by changing the dates in the calendar at the top of the chart.  You may also select which Campaigns you want to view this data for, all Campaigns, or a specific Campaign. 

Clicks are the number of times your Ads have been clicked on by people on search engines.  Leads include any actions users take on your site after they've clicked on an Ad, such as shopping cart purchases, email inquiries, and form submissions.  Leads are based on information you've given us, click the "Edit Settings" link to complete this information.

Also on the Dashboard, there will be important Alerts for you.  Click each Alert to act on it. Recommendations based on recent activity in your Ad Campaigns will also appear on the Dashboard.  Click each Recommendation for more information and to act on it. 

From the Dashboard, you can also access this video tutorial, access the Help Center, and see a summary of your Monthly Budget.