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All about the Manage Campaigns Tab

From the Manage Campaigns tab, you can manage all of your Ad Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords in one place.  The Campaign Summary chart shows a quick view of how many total, active and paused Campaigns, Ad Group, Ads and Keywords you have.

On the Manage Campaigns tab is a list of all your current Campaigns.  Campaign summary data will be displayed here, such as the status of your Campaign, either Active or Paused, which search engine your campaign is running on, your Campaign's daily budget, whether Geo-targeting is on or off, and how many clicks the campaign has received and at what cost for the date range specified above. Use the date drop down menus to select the range of dates for which you'd like to see data.  For a definition of each item, mouse over the tip icon. 

You can use the Actions button to Edit, Pause or Delete a Campaign.  Click the "View Ads and Keywords" button to see more details for each Campaign.