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Understanding Your Website Reports

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All Leads Report

The All Leads report available to our SEO for Ecommerce customers tracks the number and details of leads received through your website. These leads can be directly attributed to the SEO work that Network Solutions® is performing on your site. A lead is an event triggered by a visitor to your site that usually contains information about a potential customer. For example, a person who comes across your website in the Google® search results, visits your site and fills out an online inquiry form on your site is considered a lead.

We track the following lead types for our SEO for Ecommerce customers. To enable lead tracking for your website, contact your SEO analyst.

  • Emails
  • Form submissions
  • Shopping cart checkouts
  • Visits to high-value landing pages

Use the All Leads report to:

  • Understand the type of leads that your website generates - emails, form submissions, etc.
  • Get detailed information about each lead. For example, you can read emails from your potential customers or view a total transaction amount for shopping cart checkouts directly from the report.

For each lead, you get information on its source (e.g., the sender's email address for email leads), date when it was received, the SEO product group and keyword that sent the lead to your site, and the search engine where the lead originated.

To access the All Leads report:

  • Select your SEO service in the online Account Manager and click View Full Reports.
  • In the reporting window, the All Leads report can be found under the Leads & Conversions category in the left navigation menu.