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Is my Email Message at Risk of Being Filtered?

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Spam is a serious issue – and at Network Solutions we have to take it extremely seriously. When people use our platform to spam, our “reputation” (more on this a bit below) goes down and this can adversely affect other customers – their legitimate emails may not get to the intended target. We have to be extremely vigilant about how our customers are using the email platform.

Believe it or not, spam filtering systems keep reputation scores on you. When you send an email out, or when someone sends you an email, the spam filtering systems look at the email and use complicated algorithms to determine whether or not the email is spam.

You (or the people trying to reach you) may not even realize that you/them  are sending out “bad” emails. For example, maybe you have a small business and are just trying to send out a friendly newsletter to your customers to inform them about your services. You may view it as harmless, but the recipient of the email may think of it as a spam message, and report you.


Ensure your email messages do not unintentionally become spam. Visit out Product Blog to learn best practices for emailing your customers:


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