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Understanding Your Website Reports

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Analyzing the Data Table

The data table appears below the graph on your website reports. Detailed performance metrics are available in this table for the time period selected for the report. Below is an example of the data table for the Keyword Ranking report available to our nsMarketing customers.

Data Table on Keyword Ranking Report

report table

  • The table header typically contains summary information about your website performance. For example, "5,000 Page Views" for the Page Views report or "Highest Ranked - # 12 on Google®" for the Keyword Ranking report.
  • The columns in the table represent the data that we track, i.e., page views, visits, search engines, etc.
  • The rows typically represent individual date ranges that correspond to the data points in the graph located above the table. For some reports (e.g., Search Engine Traffic), specific metrics that we track are listed as rows (e.g., search engines, referring sites, search keywords, etc.). For each of these, you get information on the number of visits, average number of pages viewed during a visit, time on site and other statistics.
  • You can sort information in the data table by clicking the Sort Table menu in the top panel of the report and selecting the column to sort data by. You can also specify the sort order by clicking the A-Z/Z-A buttons in the Sort Table box at the top.