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Assign Account Contacts

Assign Account Contacts

Before you assign an account contact, you must know at least one of the following about the designated account contact:

·         E-mail address

·         Network Solutions®® User ID

·         NIC handle

To assign an account contact

1.     Log in to Account Manager via the Manage Account Button

2.     Click on the Account Settings tab

3.     Click on the Account and Contacts button

4.     If you have multiple accounts, click the account number that you want to modify; otherwise, skip to the next step.

5.     In the People Who can Access this Account section, click Edit Account Contacts

6.     In the Edit Account Contacts section, click the text hyperlink to Add new Account Administrative or Technical Contact

7.     Select the radio button for the appropriate type of identifying information.

8.     Enter the corresponding identifying information in the text box.

9.     Click Continue.

10.   Select the radio button for the type of contact that you are adding.

11.   Click Go.

12.   An on-screen confirmation indicates that an e-mail has been sent to the user as an invitation to become an Account Administrative or Account Technical Contact.

When you first assign someone as an account contact:

·         Network Solutions® sends an e-mail to the designated person as an invitation to activate access to the account.

·         That person has 7 days to click a link within the invitation e-mail to accept the account contact role by logging in with the appropriate User ID and password.

·         If the person does not have a User ID or password at Network Solutions®, Account Manager will display a prompt to create a new user profile.

·         After the designated account contact activates access to the account, that person can manage the domains and services within the account.

Please note

This invitation process does not apply to assigning WHOIS contacts.