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nsHosting Shared User Guide

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Backup And Restore

What is the back up service?

The Website Backups Manager is here to give you security and peace of mind. Accidentally deleted your website? Overwritten files that you needed? We back up your website nightly and you can restore your website from any of the previous seven night's backups. You can also download any of these backups to your home computer, or even download a copy of your current site as it stands.

Note: Your database is backed up separately.

To Restore and Backup your Server With Website Backups:
1. Go to
Click the Manage Account tab at the top right corner of your screen.

Enter the User ID and password you created during your Web hosting purchase. If you've forgotten your log-in information, please visit: .

Click on My Products & Services tab.

5. Click on the My Hosting Packages hyperlink.  If you have more than one Web Hosting package, select the package you need to update.

6. Click on Web Hosting Toolbox button

7. Scrool down to the Configuration section and click on the Website Backups icon.

8. Choose the day you wish to restore to by clicking Restore To Snapshot, you can restore up to 7 days back. You can also choose to download a copy of the site for that day by choosing Download.

9. You can also choose to create an on demand backup of how the server is at that moment in time by clicking the Create web site for download icon.

Note: Please be aware that your request to backup your website can take 10-15 minutes to process.