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Billing History

Billing History

When you log in to Account Manager, you are able to view and access all of the accounts for which you have access. This Billing History section of Account Manager lists all the transactions that have occurred for each of your accounts during the last two years.

A few things to keep in mind when viewing your billing history:

·         Recent purchases may take 24 to 48 hours to appear in your billing information

·         For credit card and PayPal® transactions, the “Date of Most Recent Activity” is the date your credit card was charged.

·         For transactions made by check, the “Date of Most Recent Activity” will be the purchase date.

·         Orders placed across more than one account at the same time and on the same credit card, may appear as transactions from different accounts.

·         Only the Account Holder, Primary Contact, and Administrative Contact of record on the account have the authority to view and print billing history reports.

To view and/or print billing history:

1.     Log in to Account Manager

2.     Click the Billing & Payments tab.

3.     Click the Billing History button

4.     Click on an Account Number if you have access to more than one account for an expanded view of billing history for that account

5.     You can sort by date of transaction or amount of purchase.

6.     Check a box (or multiple boxes) next to a transaction number then click Print Selected.

7.     The billing history will open in a new window which you can then print.