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Designing Your Website

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Changing Website Fonts

Fonts or typefaces are another important ingredient of a good web design. The fonts that you choose for your website should reflect your company's identity. For example, if you are designing an automotive accessory site, simple sans serif typefaces work well for the text. Above all, when selecting the fonts for your website pages, you should never choose style over readability. If a visitor is unable to read information on your site, they will leave quickly.

Use the options under the Design & Layout tab in the Website Builder Tool, to change the appearance of your navigation and page fonts.

Figure A. Changing Navigation Fonts

navigation fonts

  • Click the Navigation Bar option in the top panel to expand the drop-down menu with editing choices.
  • Select Link Font to change the appearance of links in your navigation bar. In the popup window, specify font family, size and color and choose from available style options - bold, underlined and italic. As you make changes, Sample Text at the top of the popup will be updated accordingly.
  • Click OK to apply the new font settings. You will be prompted to apply the changes to the current page or entire website. In general, it is a good idea to keep navigation consistent across all pages of your site.
  • Similarly, you can customize the appearance of hyperlinks when the visitor moves the mouse over them. Choose Hover Font in the Navigation Bar drop-down and make your selections in the popup window.

To edit text in the main content area of your pages, click the Page Content option under the Design & Layout tab:

Figure B. Changing Page Fonts

page fonts

  • In the drop-down menu, select Text Font, Link Font or Hover Font. The Hover Font applies to hyperlinks on your page when the visitor moves the mouse over them.
  • Use the popup window for each of the font options to specify font family, size, color and style. As you make changes, Sample Text at the top of the popup will be updated accordingly.
  • Click OK to apply your changes to the page that you are currently editing in the Website Builder Tool. To modify text formatting on all pages, select Edit Master Template in the left panel above the list of pages.

For more information about editing text on individual pages, see Inserting and Editing Text.