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.TEL Domains

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Compatibility With Other Services

Can I use my .tel domain for email?

No, .tel domains do not use traditional name servers and are not hosted in the traditional sense the way other general top level domains are, so you will not be able to purchase email with your Network Solutions® .tel domain name.


Can I use other services such, as Private Registration, Web Forwarding, or SSL certificates with my .tel?

You are able to use Private Registration with your .tel domain to protect your WHOIS information. Because .tel domains do not point to traditional websites most other services, like Web Forwarding and SSL certificates are not applicable. If there is information in your listing that you do not wish to display to the general public you can 'hide' it and it will only be accessible to those you grant permission to view it.


Can my .tel be accessed by mobile devices?

Yes. All .tel domains are optimized for mobile devices. They use small and fast DNS (domain name server) lookups rather than pulling traditional website and HTML content, enabling you to be quickly and easily found on all mobile devices.