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Managing Under Construction Page

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Configure Under Construction Page

Under Construction page, also known as a parked or parking page is a placeholder Web page for a domain name that is not yet attached to an active website. This placeholder page notifies visitors that your website is coming soon. Network Solutions® provides customers with two types of Under Construction pages.

  1. The standard Under Construction page may contain promotions and advertisements for, and links to,, Network Solutions products and services, third-party websites, third-party products and services, or Internet search engines.
  2. The generic Under Construction page contains only Network Solutions branding and may contain a Network Solutions domain name search box.

To change the Under Construction page:

  1. Log in to Account Manager
  2. Select the domain name you would like to manage in the "My Domain Names" section
  3. If the Domain currently points to Under Construction, click Edit
    If the Domain currently points to something else, click Change to Under Construction
  4. Click the radio button for your desired page choice
  5. Click Save