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Getting Started With nsProtectâ„¢ Safe

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Configuring Website Protocol and Website Authorization

Website Protocol:

When you configure your nsProtect Safe service, you will need to indicate which website protocol is used for the page you submit for performance monitoring.  The protocol options are "http" and "https".  If the address for the page you submit for performance monitoring begins with "https" (meaning that it uses an SSL Certificate for security), then you need to select the "https" option.  If you use SSL security on other pages of your website, you do not need to select "https" here. Note: this setting refers to the performance monitoring component of the nsProtect Safe service only; your entire site will be scanned for vulnerabilities regardless of which option you select.

Website Authorization:

If the page you submit for performance monitoring requires you to enter a username and a password before the page will begin to download, then that page uses "Website Authorization".  If your site uses Website Authorization, you will need to check the Website Authorization box and submit the required authorization details when you configure your nsProtect™ Safe service.  Note: You do not need to complete this step if the Web page includes fields that allow visitors to log in to a secure portion of the website with a username and password.