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Conversion and Usability Analysis and Report

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As part of your Conversion and Usability Analysis and Report, we perform a complete analysis of your website and then provide you with a detailed report based on the recommendations of our SEO team.

Here are some of the many website components we evaluate for conversion optimization:

  1. Content - There should be clear calls to action on critical pages, such as "Call us," and your company's contact information should be easy to find.  Effective and original product or service descriptions are also important and looked for as part of our analysis.
  2. Design and layout - The design of your website should have minimal distractions.  Your website design should align with your company's industry and target market.
  3. Site navigation and search - The layout of your website should make it easy to find your products and/or services.  It's also best to have a search box at the top-right hand side of your website, and even better if you have search features implemented (such as showing related items) as this can help boost online sales.