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Generating a Certificate Signing Request or CSR Topics

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CSR for a New Certificate While an Existing Certificate is Installed on IIS 5.0 and 6.0

How do I generate a CSR in IIS when I already have a SSL certificate on my website?

To do this, first you must understand that IIS stores all the certificates for all of your websites in one central location, and 'removing' them from a website does not delete the certificate but simply un-assigns it from that site.

Thus, we can create a blank 'dummy' website and request and install the certificate there, then re-assign this new certificate to your current running website.

  • Open the IIS control panel, and create a new, empty website. There does not need to be any content on this site, nor does it need to be live or active.
  • Generate a CSR on this website - instructions are available on the Support section of this site.
  • Submit the CSR to us normally.
  • Once you receive the certificate, install it as per the instructions onto this 'blank' website.
  • Right-click on your main website (the one you actually required the certificate for). Choose 'Properties', and click the 'Directory Security' tab. Click the 'Server Certificate' button.
  • One of the options will be 'Assign an existing certificate'. Choose this, and you will be presented with a list of certificates - including the newly-installed one. Select this, and complete the wizard.
  • Your site will seamlessly change over to use the new certificate.
  • The 'blank' website can now be removed.