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Generating a Certificate Signing Request or CSR Topics

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CSR for Parallels HSphere

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on Parallels HSphere

To generate your CSR, you will need to log in to your HSphere account.

  1. Log into your HSphere control panel. Click the 'SSL' icon/menu item. 
  2. Enable SSL on the domain of your choice in the list. 
  3. Now click the 'Edit SSL' button. On the next page, click the link labelled 'Import SSL certificate'. 
  4. Next, click the link for 'Generate a temporary SSL certificate and certificate request'. 
  5. In the form, enter or edit your details. Click 'Submit'.


  1. The information will be used to create a temporary, self-signed certificate. Select all the text in 'SSL Certificate Signing Request' box, and then paste this into the web enrollment form when purchasing your certificate.

    Finally click the 'Submit Query' button.