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Designing Your Website

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Customizing Your Site Navigation

A navigation bar typically appears at the top or on the left-hand side of most websites and contains links to pages within your site or external links to other websites. Customizing the look and feel as well as the position of your navigation is easy with the Website Builder Tool.

Begin by opening your website with the Website Builder Tool and clicking the Design & Layout tab at the top. In the top panel, click the Navigation Bar option to display a drop-down list of choices.

Figure A. Navigation Bar Option

navigation bar

  • Use the Layout option to select the position of your navigation on the page. The options are: left, right, top, header left, header right, and header top. Select the None option to hide the navigation bar on the page.
  • Use the Link Font option in the Navigation Bar drop-down to reveal a menu for text editing. Use these options to change the appearance of your navigation links. The current link font appears as Sample Text at the top of the popup menu.
  • Use the options in the Hover Font menu to change the appearance of navigation links when the user moves the mouse over them before clicking on a link.

If you change any of the options in the Navigation Bar drop-down, you will be prompted to apply them to the current page or the entire website. In general, it is a good idea to keep the navigation consistent on all pages of your site.

As always, preview your changes using the Preview option in the top right corner of the screen. Once satisfied with the results, publish your site for your new navigation to appear live to your website visitors.