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Designing Your Website

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Customizing Your Website Sidebar

The sidebar is a region of your website that appears to the left of the main content area. It is different from the navigation bar that can appear on the left or at the top of your pages. The sidebar can repeated across multiple pages of your site. This is where you would typically put a call to action that you want your visitors to take such as subscribing to your newsletter. To change the appearance of your sidebar, click the Sidebar option under the Design & Layout tab in the Website Builder Tool.

Figure A. Changing Sidebar Color

sidebar option

  • Use the Color option in the Sidebar drop-down to change the background color of the sidebar. In the color picker, choose one of the pre-set colors or enter the hexadecimal value of the color that you want to use. Click the green checkbox at the bottom of the popup to apply the new sidebar color.
  • Click the Image option in the Sidebar menu to select a background image for your sidebar.

Figure B. Selecting Background Image

background image

  • From the drop-down list in the popup, choose whether you want to upload an image from your computer in one of the allowable formats (gif, jpg or jpeg), select an image from Photos and Files that you have stored in the Website Builder Tool or choose from our library of free images. You can also restore the default image used in the sidebar (if any) or choose not to display a background image in the sidebar area.
  • Use the Hide Sidebar option in the Sidebar drop-down to hide the sidebar on your pages. You will be prompted to apply this change to all or only the current page.

Changing the sidebar color or image will always apply to the current page that you are editing with the Website Builder Tool. To make global changes to the sidebar, click Edit Master Template in the left panel above the list of pages.