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Designing Your Website

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Customizing Your Website Style Sheet

With the Website Builder Tool, you can customize the look and feel of your website by editing its Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). CSS is a programming language that allows separation of web content (typically written in html or similar coding language) from presentation (colors, fonts, layout, etc.).  Using CSS, you can achieve a consistent look and feel across your website, reduce your site loading time, and build a content rich website that is favored by search engines. Keep in mind that the option to edit CSS in the Website Builder Tool is intended for advanced users. To access this feature:

1. Click the Edit CSS button in the top panel under the Design & Layout tab.

Figure A. Edit CSS Option

edit css button

2. Click OK in the popup message to continue to the CSS editing panel:

Figure B. CSS Editing Panel

css editing panel

3. Note that the top panel and left navigation menu that are part of the Website Builder Tool will be hidden when you work in the CSS editing panel. To resume working with your website, click Return to Editor in the CSS window.

4. You will be able to add new as well as edit existing styles. The changes that you make to the stylesheet will not be validated. Please take time to check your work.

5. The changes that you make in the CSS editing panel will appear in the website preview area above.

6. To store the changes permanently, click the Save button in the CSS editing panel.

7. To restore the original stylesheet, click Restore Default.

Please keep in mind that:

  • You will lose all changes that you have made to the stylesheet if you decide to switch to a different design template.
  • Style changes that you make using the tool (e.g., changing text font using options under the Page Content drop-down in the Design & Layout area of the tool) will override any manual CSS edits.

As always, remember to publish your site for the style changes to take effect.