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Account Manager User Guide

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Design Services

Design Services

Network Solutions® offers Do-It-For-Me website design services to complexly design and build your website for you. The design review and approval process is managed via Account Manager and e-mail communications.

You will receive an e-mail notification from Network Solutions® that our Web designers have completed your website design and that your website is ready for review.

To review your website

1.     Log in the Account Manager

2.     Click on My Design Services

3.     Select your website by clicking the thumbnail image or domain name.

4.     Review your website design.

5.     If modifications are necessary, click I Want to Make Changes to open a modification request form. Alternatively, you can telephone your website designer to request changes.

6.     If you approve the design, click I Approve.

You will receive another e-mail when your site is ready to be published to the Internet.

It's easy to manage the design and review process through Account Manager – simply follow the prompts and alerts.

Additional administrative functions for your Web design service can also be performed in Account Manager, such as editing your service name, adding e-mailboxes, and assigning a new domain name to your website.