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Account Information

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Differences Between User ID, Account Number, and NIC Handle

The User ID, Account Number and NIC Handle all have different purposes.

User ID

Your User ID is a unique identifier used to Log in to Account Manager. It gives you access to all of the Account Numbers assigned to your User ID. The User ID can be updated though Account Manager, giving you the option to create a more readily remembered Login.


Account Number

Your Account Number is automatically assigned to you by Network Solutions® and is used primarily to identify you when you contact Network Solutions®. All Network Solutions products and services are contained within an Account Number and are billed at the account level.


NIC Handle

Your NIC Handle is automatically generated by Network Solutions and cannot ever be changed. Every User ID has a unique NIC Handle that identifies a user in the Network Solutions database. You cannot use your NIC Handle to Log in, but you can use it to assign Account Contacts.