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Basic and Deluxe Package Setup Guide

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Basic and Deluxe Package Setup Guide


Basic and Deluxe Package Setup Guide


Thank you for choosing Network Solutions®. This document contains information to help you start using your nsWebAddress Basic or nsWebAddress Deluxe package.

nsWebAddress Basic Features

Your nsWebAddress Basic package includes the following features:

·         1 domain name

·         One page website, ad-supported

·         1 emailbox

·         24/7 Real Person Support

nsWebAddress Deluxe Features

Your nsWebAddress Deluxe package includes the following features:

·         2 domain names

·         One page website, no ads

·         5 emailboxes

·         Ad in WHOIS domain directory

·         Priority 24/7 Real Person Support

How to Manage Your Domain Name

To begin managing your nsWebAddress Basic or Deluxe domain name(s), log in to Account Manager at and click My Domain Names.

Your domain names will be listed on this page. Click on the domain you would like to manage. The Domain Details page for this domain will open. You can manage the following items for your domain name on this page:

·         Redeem your second domain if not already selected (Deluxe package only)

·         Renew your domain package

·         Edit the Auto Renew settings for your domain package

·         Turn Domain Protect on or off

·         Purchase Private Registration for your domain or turn Private Registration off if already purchased.

·         Change the Location where your domain points

·         Purchase the WHOIS Business Listing service for your domain or set up your WHOIS Business Listing if already purchased.

How to Redeem Your Deluxe Package Additional Domain

Each nsWebAddress Deluxe package includes two domain names. If you did not select your second Deluxe package domain at the time of purchase you can do so via Account Manager post purchase. Please note: The first domain included in the Deluxe package is for new domain registrations of .com, .net. org, .us,, .biz, .info, .me and .im. The second domain name included in the package is for new domain registrations of .net, .org, .us, .biz, and .info extensions only.

To redeem your second Deluxe package domain:

  • Log in to Account Manager at and click My Domain Names
  • If you have not already redeemed the second domain for this package, there will be a link below your Deluxe package domain titled Deluxe - Redeem domain. Click on this link to search for your desired domain name. 

Once you have redeemed your Deluxe package second domain it will be listed on the Manage Domain Names page and will be identified as Deluxe - Second Domain. The domain name you selected at the time of purchase of your Deluxe package will be identified as Deluxe - First Domain

How to Control Auto Renew

When Auto Renew is turned on, your domain name will be renewed approximately sixty (60) to ninety (90) days prior to its expiration date for the same term the domain name was last registered or renewed. You will be contacted by email when your credit card on file will be charged for the renewal. To ensure continuation of service please be certain you have a valid credit card and valid email address on file.

Only the Account Holder/Primary Contact and Account Administrative Contact of record on the account can activate the Auto Renew feature.

To Turn Auto Renew On:

1.      Click on the Renewal Center tab in the top menu

2.      Click the check box next to each service for which you want to activate Auto Renew OR

Click the check box next to the Service Name column heading to select all of your services at once

3.      Click the Edit Auto Renew button

4.      Select On for each service

5.      Click Save

To Turn Auto Renew Off:

1. Call (866) 908-3450

The payment method on file will be charged approximately sixty (60) to ninety (90) days prior to the expiration date, as long as your payment method is valid.

How to Control Domain Protect

Every domain name registration with Network Solutions® comes with the free Domain Protect feature enabled. When turned on, Domain Protect helps to block the transfer of your domain name to another Registrar. It provides protection from "domain hijackers," or others who may attempt to authorize a transfer of your domain name registration.

With Domain Protect turned on you can still perform legal name changes, account consolidation or transfers between Network Solutions® accounts. To transfer a domain name to another Registrar, you must first turn off Domain Protect.

To turn the Domain Protect feature on and off (Note: Only the account holder/primary contact or account administrative contact can perform this action):

·         Within the Domain Add-Ons section - you'll see Domain Protect and the status, On or Off

  • To change the setting, click on Turn Off or Request Authorization Code.
  • Select either Leave Domain Protect on or Leave Domain Protect off
  • If you also need an authorization code, check the box next to Request Authorization Code
  • Click Save

How to Change the Location Where Your Domain Points

Network Solutions® provides you the ability to point your domain name to one of the following locations. Click on the name of the location where you would like to point your domain for further instructions. nsWebAddress Basic and Deluxe domains point by default to the Network Solutions® Under Construction page.

·         Under Construction Page

·         Business Profile

·         nsSpace or nsHosting package

·         A designated domain name server

How to Set up Your Website

Setting up your website can be done in a few easy steps. When you're ready to begin, log in to Account Manager at and click Website Packages


·         In Account Manager, select the domain name you would like to manage in the "My Domain Names" section

·         Click the Go button to go to the Details page for that domain name

·         In the green box, select Change Where Domain Points

·  Choose My Network Solutions®® Website Package and click Continue


Step 2: Set up your website with our easy Web Site Builder Tool.

To begin designing your website, go to Account Manager and click on Website Packages. Find the website package you wish to use to build your website and click on it. If you already assigned a domain name to your package, your domain name will be listed below the website icon on the Website Builder Tool page.  

Once you click on the website package icon, the Website Builder Tool will open in a new window.  Our brief setup wizard will guide you through the steps of building your website.


Step 3: Publish Your Website

Once you have built your website, the next step is to publish it. To preview your website before you publish it, click the Preview button at the top of the page. The Preview window will open as the active window on top of the current page. Once your page preview is open, you can also use the page navigation links on the Navbar to move from page to page as your users would do, and review each page that you have included. When you are finished with the Preview page, click the Close Window button in the lower right corner of the screen.  This will return you to your Publish tab page.

To publish the latest version of your site, click the Publish button to display two different publishing options: Quick Publish, or Advanced Options

·         Quick Publish - selecting this option publishes your site to the Web immediately with no further questions or options.

·         Advanced Options - selecting this option opens a pop-up window with additional choices that can be made before you publish your site.

How to Set up Your Emailbox

To begin setting up your emailbox:

  • Click My Email. Find the Domain Package Email row in the Your Available Email Services  section.

·         Click Create Mailbox.

·         If you have multiple Basic and Deluxe packages, select the package you want to use and click Continue.

·         On the Add an Emailbox page, designate a name and password for the email account you would like to set up and click Save and Continue. Passwords must be 8-16 characters and contain at least 1 upper case character, at least 1 lower case character, and at least 1 numeral (W6e3ENat).

Once your emailboxes are successfully added, it may take up to 4 hours for your changes to take effect. For newly registered domain names, it may take up to 48 hours for your changes to take effect.

There are two ways to access your email:

·         On the Web by typing in http://mail.yourdomainname.ext (e.g., in any Internet browser and putting in your username and password.

·         Through Outlook® or other POP applications. View setup information.

How to Set up Your Ad in the WHOIS Domain Directory (Deluxe Only)

Your ad on our WHOIS results page lets you display more details about your business including store hours, promotions, sales information, and more. Your ad will display when your domain name is queried in WHOIS - the official Internet database of registered domain names.

To set up your WHOS Business Listing:

·         Log in to Account Manager

·         Select the domain name you would like to manage in the "My Domain Names" section

·         Click the Go button to go to the Details page for that domain nameOn the Details page, click on the “Set Up” link.

·         Then simply follow the steps to set up your listing.

·         Remember to click on “Make Visible” in order to publish your ad.