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Transfer To Network Solutions

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Extensions Eligible For Transfer To Network Solutions®

Domains Eligible for Online Transfer

Transfers of domain names with the following extensions can be done via the automated online transfer option at

.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info,,, .bz, .cc, .cn, ,,,,, regional .cn extensions,,,,,,,, .la, .mobi,,,,,,, .tv, .tw,,,,, .us,,, and


Domains Eligible for Manual Transfer

Transfers for the following domains names can be initiated by completing the manual transfer form:

.ca, .cx, .eu, .gd, .gs, .im, .in,,,,,,, .me, .ms, .tc, and .vg


Domains for which Transfers are not Currently Supported

 Transfers are not currently supported for the following domains names:

.am, .at, .be, .ch, .cz, .de, .es,,,, .fm, .li, .mx,, .name,,,, .pl, .ru,,, and