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nsProtect™ Safe Vulnerability Scanning

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Fixing Vulnerabilities Detected by nsProtect™ Safe

Reports will be generated and stored in Account Manager that detail the vulnerabilities that were found, the level of severity of those vulnerabilities, and recommended instructions on how to remedy these vulnerabilities.  You may need to contact your hosting provider or a security expert for assistance in fixing some vulnerabilities.  The recommended instructions are only recommendations for addressing an actual or potential vulnerability.  Each vulnerability may be unique and therefore the recommended instructions may in some instances not fully remedy the vulnerability.   

If you fail to remedy the vulnerabilities identified as security alerts within the required 7-day time period following the initial failed scan, your nsProtect™ Safe Certification Seal will be suspended. 

If you feel that the vulnerability that was detected is a "false positive", you can file a "false positive" claim with Network Solutions and we will review your claim.