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Generating a Certificate Signing Request or CSR Topics

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Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

The first part of enrolling for your SSL Certificate is to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).  A CSR is an encrypted body of text that will contain encoded information specific to your company and domain name.  Below is an example of what a CSR looks like.

Example CSR:

General Points to remember before creating your CSR:

·         The Common Name field should be the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) or the Web address for which you plan to use your Certificate, e.g. the area of your site you wish customers to connect to using SSL. For example, an SSL Certificate issued for will not be valid for or for If the Web address to be used for SSL is, ensure that the common name submitted in the CSR is; similarly, if the Web address to be used for SSL is, ensure that the common name submitted in the CSR is

·         The Organization Name is your Full Legal Company or Personal Name, as legally registered.

·         When generating a CSR for Wildcard SSL Certificates, the Cert must have a Common Name of * where you will substitute with your domain.

·         Note: Always replace the sample data (such as Web addresses) that is used in these support documents as examples with your own data.

SSL Certificates are compatible with almost all popular Web server software. If your Web server software does not appear on the list, please contact with full details of your Web server software and we will contact you with further instructions.

Network Solutions® requires the use of 2048-bit SSL Certificates. When you are creating your CSR you would need to make sure you are selecting 2048-bit.  If you create a CSR using anything lower then 2048-bit the CSR will not be accepted.