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nsMail Pro Quick Start Guide

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Welcome to your new nsMail™ Pro (Business E-Mail) service. This document introduces you to your new email service and helps you to get started setting up your email for immediate use.


The topics included on this page are:


However, there are many more topics and FAQs included in our support center; see the nsMail Pro Support Center Home for all information that could be relevant to you!



nsMail Pro Features

Your nsMail Pro mailbox(es) includes many useful features and benefits:

  • Includes all the Benefits of nsMail.
    • Such as spam and virus protection, ad-Free Webmail, 24/7 live customer service, Outlook® compatibility, etc., - but with the added benefit of sharing capabilities and greater storage capacity.

  • Affordable Business-Class Email.
    • nsMail Pro provides small businesses with advanced group functionalities. You can share folders, share contacts, share calendars, share documents - all at a fraction of the cost of enterprise-level email systems.

  • Hassle Free.
    • nsMail Pro provides all the benefits of a comprehensive email solution without the hassle, worry or expense of having to manage your own in-house email server. No need to worry about backing up or restoring your data, patching or updating servers or troubleshooting if your email goes down. Our experts take care of everything for you so you can enjoy a robust, reliable and affordable email solution.

  • Improved Efficiencies.
    • In today's competitive environment, your employees need more from email than just sending and receiving information. They also need the ability to access and share information. Whether it is multiple employees making updates to a single presentation, allowing your assistant to manage your schedule, or having the ability to check individual calendars for availability for a conference call - nsMail Pro provides much more functionality than basic (or free) email.

  • Stay Connected.
    • A simple plug-in for Outlook®-type clients allows you to sync not only your email - but also other features in Outlook® like contacts, calendars and tasks. When using the Network Solutions® Outlook sync plug-in with nsMail Pro, you will virtually see no difference between it and a Microsoft® Exchange account, and you'll be able to send and receives messages any where, any place, and any time. The plug-in for nsMail Pro supports Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 at this time.
  • Document Management.
    • Editing and managing group projects just got easier! Functionality includes shared access for employees to make individual edits to a single document in the body of your email instead of attaching the entire document, and the ability to save storage space on your hard drive since you can access documents without storing them on your personal hard drive.

  • More Robust.
    • With 2GB of storage per mailbox, you can keep messages, files and documents conveniently. The 50 MB attachment size allows you to send and receive large email attachments quickly and easily.

  • Convenience.
    • With up to 10 email aliases per e-mailbox, you can create addresses for special or short-term uses, such as or Emails received at an alias address are delivered to the primary email address.


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Setting Up Your nsMail Pro Emailbox(es)

Follow these steps to set up your e-mailbox(es)

  • Login to Account Manager
    • If you have unassigned mailboxes, the Alert status displayed at the top of the page under the "Set Up Services" section will prompt you to set up the mailbox(es).
  • Click the "Go" button at the Configure alert for "Unassigned nsMail Pro".
  • Enter an mailbox name and password for each mail box you want to configure.
  • Click "Save".

If you do not configure all mailboxes at once, you can come back and set them up at a later date by selecting "nsMail > Manage E-Mail" from the left-hand menu of the Account Manager, and then click Assign to Domains for the unassigned mailboxes. Finally, repeat steps 3 - 4, above.


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Accessing Your Email

You can check your Webmail from the Account Manager screen by clicking the "Webmail Login" button on the E-Mail Services screen. You can also access it directly through your Web browser by following these instructions:

  • In the "Address" field at the top of your browser, enter the following: http://mail.yourdomainname.ext (for example,
  • When the login screen appears, enter your Mailbox Name and Password into the respective fields.
  • For instructions on how to download and configure the Network Solutions Outlook Plugin for nsMail Pro; see Step-by-Step POP Setup Instructions.


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Setting Up Email Service Options

Once you have logged into your e-mail, the Start page appears. This is the first page you see any time you log in to your e-mail service.

From the Start page you can quickly manage your calendar, email, tasks and documents. Customize your personal start page to fit your needs! For additional help, you can click the question mark button at the top right corner of your screen.

If you have a question we have not addressed, please feel free to call one of our customer service consultants, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, at 1-866-780-9278.


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