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Account Manager User Guide

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Get Started

The Get Started section covers


Key Features and Benefits

Network Solutions® Account Manager offers maximum control and flexibility so that you can easily access your information and can manage your accounts and services. 

This user guide more fully explains the functions that you can perform with Account Manager:

  • Manage all accounts and services
  • Update your user profile, account contacts, and billing information
  • View and print billing history reports
  • Sort, search, and manage multiple domain names
  • Make global updates across multiple accounts
  • Customize DNS settings by using DNS Manager - Advanced Tools
  • Access the Network Solutions Web design and editing tool

Key term definitions include: 

  • User ID: A User ID is the unique name or number used during login to access all accounts associated with that User ID.
  • Account: Domains and services under one account share the same Account Holder and billing information. Each account is associated with one Primary Contact/Account Holder (registrant), but can have multiple Account Administrative and Technical Contacts.

Log In to Your Account

  • Go to
  • Click the Manage Account button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • On the Log into Account Manager page, enter your User ID and Password (which may have been referred to previously as a User Name or Account Number)
  • If you forget your log-in information, click the link below the password field I've forgotten my User ID or password, or visit

Navigating Account Manager

Network Solutions® designed Account Manager so that you can easily access all the management tools you need, regardless of where you are working in Account Manager. These tools, accessible from the top navigation, enable you to manage your account contacts, billing information, user IDs and passwords, as well as all of your Network Solutions services.

Menu Structure

Your services are grouped in the My Products and Services tab. By clicking on a service you will be taken to more detailed information about that service.  For example:

  • All of your domain services are listed under the My Domain Names link.
  • All of your email services are listed under  the My Email link.

When you click on a service from the My Products and Services page  will be taken to a page listing all of the information about that service. If you have any Alerts regarding the service, they will appear at the top of the page. You can take action on the Alert by clicking the blue button associated with the Alert:

Clicking the Manage button displays additional information about that service in the main window. If the main window displays an overview list of multiple services, you must click a service name  or the Manage button associated with it to manage specific tasks regarding that service.

At any time you can move from tab to tab to perform other tasks. CFor example, you can manage the details of your account such as contact information under the Account Settings Tab, or you can view your billing history under the Billing & Payments tab .

Note: When you are working in a tab, its background color in the left menu darkens to indicate your current location in Account Manager.

Overview Pages and Detail Pages

While working in Account Manager, you will quickly notice that controls and tasks for a particular service are displayed with one click on the name of the service. If, however, you have multiple services under one category, i.e., multiple domain names, a click on the name of the service will first reveal an "Folders" page listing all of the services in the category. A click on a service name or the Manage button associated with it will then reveal the tasks, or details, for that service. This is referred to as a "details" page.

For example, if you have multiple email packages, click the My Email link to display a Folders page listing all of your emailboxes. Click a particular emailbox name to view the details page where you can manage that emailbox.

When an Folders or details page includes a tabular list, clicking the Column Name sorts the data by that element.