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Getting Started

The first step to listing your domain for sale via the Afternic® Premium Promotion is to become an AfternicDLS Member. Simply go to and click on “Join” in the page header to become a member. After joining, log in to your Afternic account and navigate to “My Afternic.” Click on the “Add Domains” link in the left menu. You can add one to fifty domains manually or you can try our bulk upload tool. Complete the form or upload your file.  There is no limit to the number of domains that you can list for sale via the Afternic Premium Promotion. However, only .com, .net, .org, and .biz domains can be listed for sale via the program.

When adding a domain, you will be asked to select a “Promotion Level” for the domain. Afternic® offers three promotion levels: Basic, Expanded, and Premium. Network Solutions® only participates in the “Premium Promotion.” Make sure and select this promotion level if you want your domain to be listed for sale at Network Solutions and other partner sites. 

You will also be asked to set the following values for your domain: 

·        Minimum Offer

·        Reserve Price

·        Floor Price

·        Buy Now Price  

Participation in the Premium Promotion requires that you set a “Minimum Offer” and a “Buy Now” price. The Minimum Offer price must be at least $250. The sales fee is 20% with a minimum fee of $120.

Please note: Your contact information will not be listed with your domain. Only your Afternic user name will be listed with your domain. If an interested buyer has a question about your domain name, Afternic will forward this inquiry to you anonymously.

Compliance Check

Afternic performs a compliance check on every domain listed for sale on their site. Afternic performs the following standard checks to help ensure that they maintain a high quality network:

  • Registration Verification: Afternic checks that you are the official owner.
  • Trademark check: Afternic makes sure the name doesn’t violate trademark rules.
  • "Vice Names" name check: Afternic cannot list names that feature adult themes, extreme violence, or recreational drug use.
  • Price Validation check: Afternic verifies that the sales price is appropriate for the domain.
  • Quality check: Afternic performs certain quality checks on the domain, e.g. that the domain does not contain too many characters or too many hyphens.

Afternic will notify you within 24-48 hours if your domain name does not meet one of the above compliance checks.

These checks benefit you directly, since it’s how Afternic is able to attract such a large audience of high quality buyers! And don’t worry: most members pass with flying colors.

Transfer Your Domain to Network Solutions

Your domain name must also be registered with Network Solutions in order to participate in the Premium Promotion. If your domain is not registered with Network Solutions, a message will appear in the “My Messages” section of your Afternic dashboard prompting you to transfer your domain name to Network Solutions. Click on the “Move to Registrar” link. You will be directed to Network Solutions to complete your domain transfer.

Below is a description of how the Network Solutions transfers process works:

Opt-in to the Premium Promotion

After you transfer your domain name to Network Solutions you must opt-in to the Premium Promotion. A message will appear in the “My Messages” section of your Afternic dashboard prompting you to opt-in your domain name to the Premium Promotion. Once you click on this message you will be directed to Network Solutions and asked to login with your Network Solutions user name and password. You will be presented with the Network Solutions Terms and Conditions for the program which you must accept to complete the opt-in process.

Once you have successfully opted-in your domain name to the Premium Promotion, your domain name will be listed for sale at Afternic, BuyDomains, Network Solutions, and other partner sites.  

Selling Your Domain Name

Afternic operates an automated bid-and-offer system. When your domain is listed for sale at Afternic interested buyers have the option to bid for your domain name. Afternic will notify you of all offers immediately by email. You will be able to accept offers, make counteroffers or adjust offers from your listing page by setting or changing your prices. 

BuyDomains, Network Solutions, and the other Premium Promotion partners do not operate a bid-and-offer system. Your domain will be listed for sale at these sites at the “Buy Now” price that you set when you initially listed your domain for sale at Afternic.

You can list domains with .com, .net, .org, and .biz extensions for sale with Afternic.