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Enhanced Profile

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Getting Started-Enhanced Profile

Welcome! This guide will help you manage your Enhanced Profile from Network Solutions®.

About Your Enhanced Profile

Enhanced Profile is a set of tools that you can use  to get online quickly with a professional home page, also known as a Web page, for your business and an mail address using your domain name (for example, instead of Your business will be listed in over a hundred local online directories that will provide valuable links back to your home page. These links are a powerful way for potential customers, as well as search engines like Google® and Yahoo!®, to find your site.

The package includes:

  • A domain name (or Web address) for your business.
  • A home page published at your domain that provides information about your business.
  • An email address for professional email communication with your customers.
  • Business listings in over 100 local online directories.
  • On-demand reporting on the performance of your home page in the top search engines.
  • A keyword intelligence tool that suggests search terms that customers may use to find your business.

If in the future, if you decide to create a full website, you can easily do so. Your listings in local directories will still be published but customers clicking a link to your domain name will see your website, instead of your business home page. Also, the search engine value that you have achieved by having meaningful content and links back to your home page will continue to attract visitors to your new website.

Setting up Your Profile

To customize your home page and submit your business information to local directories:

  • Click Business Profiles and then Manage Enhanced Profile in the left-hand menu. Navigate to the domain name that you would like to update.
  • On the Enhanced Profile Service Details page, click the Edit Business Profile link. You will be directed to the form for entering your business information.
  • On the Business Profile form, enter information in all of the required fields. Note that your company’s street address is required. It can be as simple as a P.O. Box if you do not have a street address. Make sure to provide accurate contact information where customers will be able to reach you.
  • Enter additional details about your business, including company overview, products, services and brands that you offer, any promotional or discount offers, methods of payment you accept, and hours of operation. Any information that will be useful to new and existing customers can be included here. This information will be featured on your business home page published at your domain name. Plus it will also appear in online business directories.
  • Click the Keyword Suggestions button to view and select the keywords we suggest for your business. Keywords are search terms that potential customers use to find your business in the search engines such as Google® or Yahoo!®. Examples include “Manhattan dentist” or “mountain bikes in Louisville”. We suggest adding these keywords to various sections of your business profile, including the description, list of products, services and brands, service area, etc.
  • Click the Publish button. Within 24 hours, your business information will appear on your business home page at your domain name. It will also be available to our network of local directories. 

Managing Your Domain Name

Your custom business home page will appear at your domain name after you complete and publish the Business Profile form. If you do not want to publish a business home page, you can display a general Under Construction page or point your domain to an existing website.

In Account Manager:

  • Click Business Profiles and then Manage Enhanced Profile in the left-hand menu and navigate to the Enhanced Profile Service Details page for the domain you would like to update.
  • In the Enhanced Profile Domain Name section, click the Manage Domain button.
  • On the Domain Details page, locate the Domain currently points to row and click Change to Under Construction.
  • If you have a Web Hosting package from Network Solutions® and publish a full website, you will be able to display the website at your domain from the Web Hosting (Web Hosting) tab in the Account Manager.

You will be able to restore your business home page to your domain name by clicking Change to Business Profile on the Domain Details page. This is useful if you want to update your website but do not want visitors to see the updates while you are making them. 

Accessing Your Email

To set up your email:

  • If you have an unassigned email box, the Alert status will appear in the Set Up Services area when you login to the Account Manager. Click the Go button to proceed to your email box set-up page.
  • Enter your Email box name and password, and click Save.

Alternatively, you can go to Business Profiles > Manage Enhanced Profile tab in the left-hand menu and click Add Email box in the Email Box section of the page.

To check your email:

  • In the Address field at the top of your browser, enter http://mail.yourdomainname.ext (for example,
  • When the Email Login screen appears, enter your Email box Name and Password into the respective fields.

For additional information on your email account, visit

Viewing Your Performance Report

The performance report that comes with your Enhanced Profile shows the ranking of your website in the top search engines and your business listing in the top local directories. To access your report from the Account Manager:

  • Click Business Profiles and then Manage Enhanced Profile in the left-hand menu and navigate to the Service Details page for the domain you are interested in.
  • In the Service Details section, click the View Reports link. You will be directed to your profile management dashboard with the Reports tab selected.
  • The report displays the ranking trend for keywords that you have included in your business profile. Use the buttons in the top panel to change the report view. Select individual keywords in the table to view their ranking trend.

In addition, you will have access to the complete list of local directories where your business information has been submitted by clicking the Delivery Center tab. Once your listing begins to appear in these directories, the View Profile links will be activated. Click these links to view your profile in respective directories.