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Certified Offer PLUS

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Getting Started - Certified Offer Service PLUS

Welcome! This guide walks you through the process of using Certified Offer Service® PLUS from Network Solutions® to make an anonymous offer to purchase an already-registered domain name. This service is for offers of more than $25,000. It allows you to make an anonymous offer on domain names with the following extensions: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, and

All Certified Offer Service® PLUS negotiations are made via the phone by our domain name experts.

When you perform a domain name search and you find that the domain you want is already taken, click on the link below the search field entitled “See options to get taken domain names”. A new window appears with a link to make a Certified Offer for the searched domain name. Click the link to begin the process.

Step 1: Make an Offer

  • Determine an offer price.
    As a domain name Buyer, you can make an offer over $25,000 USD. There is no maximum offer amount. If you need help determining an offer price, use the Free Value Assessment tool.  You will be charged $69 per Certified Offer to use the Certified Offer Service. This fee is non-refundable and is charged whether the offer is accepted or not. If the offer is accepted, the Buyer will pay the offer price plus a 5% transaction fee. The Seller receives the offer amount less a 5% transaction fee.

    Once you have decided on a price, enter your offer amount in the field provided.
  • Offer is verified.
    Our domain name expert will call you to discuss the offer amount and the negotiation strategy for acquiring the domain name.
  • Offer is presented.
    On your behalf, Network Solutions® presents the Certified Offer to the Seller via telephone using the primary contact data available in WHOIS.
  • 14-Day process
    The offer is valid for a period of 14 days so you can quickly determine whether the domain name is available for purchase. The Seller may respond at anytime during this period. If the Seller does not respond within the 14-day period, the offer will expire and be closed.

Step 2: Seller Responds to Offer

  • Seller’s Options
    The Seller has 14 days to respond to the Buyer's offer, and has the options to accept, reject or propose a minimum acceptable price. If the Seller proposes a counter offer, you have the option of accepting, rejecting or making a counter offer to the Seller. The Seller has 14 days to either accept, reject, or make one final counter offer. You then have 14 days to accept or reject the final counter offer from the Seller.

Step 3: Offer Acceptance and Transfer Process

  • Offer Acceptance
    When the Seller accepts your offer or counter offer, or when you accept the Seller’s counter offer, the Seller is required to electronically accept the offer and provide their banking information for the wire transfer within 10 days using the Seller Offer Acceptance Form. Once this formal acceptance is received, you will be asked to make a wire transfer for the offer amount, plus a 5% transaction fee. However, if you are a Partner, your Partner account will be automatically charged the offer amount plus a 5% transaction fee.
  • Your (Buyer) Transfer Process
  1. After an offer is accepted, an Account Authorization form is emailed to you. You must complete and fax this form to Network Solutions® in order to establish a Network Solutions account into which the domain name will be transferred. If you are a Partner, the domain name will be transferred into your customer’s account within your Partner account, that you specified during the initial offer.
  2. Based on information provided on the form and receipt of the funds from you via wire transfer, or charged to your Partner account, Network Solutions will transfer the domain name into your Network Solutions account. The transfer process may take up to 14 days after receipt of the fax form.
  • Seller Transfer Process
  1. After Network Solutions receives the funds from the Buyer, the domain name will be transferred to the Buyer. Payment will then be wire-transferred to the Seller.
  2. The Seller must ensure that the WHOIS information for the domain name is up to date. Payment for the offer amount less the 5% transaction fee can only be sent to the contact listed in WHOIS, which must match the contact information provided in the Seller Offer Acceptance Form. The Seller has three business days after the acceptance of the offer to update the WHOIS information.
  3.  Network Solutions will inform the seller via email when the payment is sent. No other action from the Seller is required.

Additional requirements will apply when the domain name is not registered with Network Solutions.

Step 4: Receive the Domain Name

As part of the Certified Offer Service® PLUS transfer process, the domain name with its existing term will transfer to you. In addition, you will receive one free year added to the registration term, as long as the term does not exceed 10 years.