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Learn About Catch-all

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Getting Started with Catch-all

Welcome to your new nsMailTM Catch-all service. This document introduces you to your new catch-all email service and helps you to get started setting it up for immediate use.

Catch-All Features

Your Catch-All Email service includes the following features and benefits:

  • Special Purpose Emails.
    • Set up a temporary email address for a special occasion or business function, such as a special promotion on your storefront.


  • Delivery of Misaddressed/Misspelled Email.
    • Allows you to receive all emails, even if they are misaddressed or misspelled.


Setting up your Catch-All Email

Follow these steps to set up your Catch-all mailbox:

  • Log in to Account Manager
    • If you have an unassigned Catch-All, the alert status displayed at the top of the page under "Configure Purchases" section will prompt you to set it up.
  • Click Go at the Configure Alert for Unassigned Catch-All.
  • Click the link Assign To Emailboxes.
  • Select a Domain Name from the Domain Name drop-down list.
    • If you have multiple catch-alls that need assignment, they will be displayed in this list and you will need to select the Domain Name for each of them.
  • Select an Emailbox from the Emailbox drop-down list.
  • Click Save to complete the process.


You can come back and set up your catch-all at a later time by clicking "My Email" within Account Manager, and then clicking Assign to Domains for the unassigned catch-alls. Finally, repeat steps the last three steps above.


Additional Information

If you have a question we have not addressed, please feel free to call one of our customer service consultants, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, at 1-866-780-9278.


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