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Getting Started with ReputationAlert

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Getting Started with ReputationAlert

Congratulations! You have just purchased a Network Solutions® ReputationAlert service.

Getting started with your ReputationAlert service is easy.

Step 1: Log-in to Account Manager

When you're ready to begin, log-in to the Account Manager at

Step 2: Access ReputationAlert

  1. When you log into your Account manager, find the ReputationAlert icon and click on the link to launch your service.  



        2. Click on the Launch ReputationAlert tab to launch your dashboard



    Step 3:  Create a More Robust Service

    To enhance your ReputationAlert service, we strongly urge you to provide us additional information about your services.    When you launch your ReputationAlert dashboard for the first time, be sure you fill in the additional information regarding your business.  This will improve our search results and what we find on the Internet regarding your business.

    We are currently monitoring hundreds of places on the Web, including Facebook®, Google® and Twitter™ for mentions, reviews and listings related to your company.  To view your ReputationAlert dashboard, simply log into your Network Solutions Account Manager.  NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours for us to generate all Internet findings.

    Your ReputationAlert Services Comes With:

    24/7 Monitoring

    We will monitor hundreds of places on the Web including Facebook, Google and Twitter for all mentions, reviews and listings related to your company.

    Reputation Alerts

    You will receive alerts regarding activities that may impact your company's online reputation.

    Reputation Analysis

    You have 24/7 access to your dashboard to track your business' online reputation.