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Managing Your Site with Website Builder

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Getting Your Website Ready for Search Engines

You have created your website and now you want to get it found on the Internet. There are several ways to go about driving visitor traffic to your site. To begin with, you should get your website ready for search engines with enhancements known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Tip 1 - Cover the Basics

Make sure to enter a title, description and keywords for each of your pages. Keywords are search terms that people type into search engines when looking for products and services online. Page titles and descriptions indentify your website on search result pages. There are a couple of ways to enter this information in the Website Builder Tool.

1. When you first create your website, you will be prompted to enter your business name, brief description and a list of keyword phrases as part of the setup wizard. This information will be used to populate the title, description and keywords for your site that are the basic SEO elements that any website should have.

If you operate a local business, you can also enter the primary business location, including city and state, and up to four additional locations where you provide services. This information will be used to optimize your website for local search results.

Figure A. Entering SEO Information in Setup Flow

setup flow

2. You will be able to modify SEO information entered during the setup using the Website Properties feature that can be found under the Website Overview tab.

Figure B. SEO Information in Website Properties

website properties

3. To specify titles, descriptions and keywords for individual pages, click Properties in the list of pages on the Website Overview or right-click a page in the left panel under any other tab in the Website Builder Tool and select the Properties option to open the Page Properties popup. Keep in mind that titles, descriptions and keywords that you enter for individual pages will override information specified at the website level.

Figure C. SEO Information in Page Properties

page properties

Tip 2 - Content, Content, Content

Search engine spiders can only understand text. Thus, they will use your website content to determine what the site is about and where it should rank in search results for specific keywords.

Therefore, the most important enhancement that you can make to your website is to provide relevant content and keep it updated on a regular basis. Make sure to include keywords on all your pages that you would like your site to appear for in search results.

Tip 3 - Analyze Your Site

With the Website Builder Tool, you can analyze your site page by page to evaluate its content and use of keywords.

  • On the Page Properties popup, click the Analyze Page button.
  • The current page will be evaluated on three criteria: (1) the overall amount of text on the page, (2) keywords used in text and (3) keyword density or how often your keywords appear throughout the page.
  • If you receive a poor or OK rating, you should consider rewriting the page content to focus on the keywords that you would like to target with your website. You may also update the list of keywords to be better suited for your business and the contents of your website.

Figure D. SEO Analysis Results

seo analysis results

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