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Getting Started with Gorilla Online Marketing

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Gorilla Online Marketing Set-up Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of Gorilla Online Marketing! Getting your website found online is our business. Because our dedicated Web consultants know the ins and outs of online promotion, we can help your business get online exposure.

Why is Gorilla Online Marketing so important?

With the Gorilla Online Marketing service from Network Solutions®, your business will be submitted to more than one hundred online directories, (e.g., Yahoo!TM Local, MerchantCircle,, etc.), search engines (e.g., Google®, Yahoo!TM, and Bing®), social  sites (e.g., Facebook® and Twitter®) mobile sites and GPS devices where potential customers are searching!

Step 1: To get your Gorilla Online Marketing started, one of our Web consultants will be calling you for a brief interview. During the interview, the Web consultant will ask you questions about your business, marketing goals, products or services, location, and other information important to your business. This will ensure that our online experts set up your campaign for your business goals and submit your business appropriately to the search engines, directories, mobile devices and much more.

If our Web consultants are unable to reach you, we will design your campaign based on the information about your products and services on your website.

Step 2: As part of your Gorilla Online Marketing package, we create a listing of your business on Google® Places and inclusion in Google® Places mobile phone application.  Once your listing is created, you'll receive a postcard mailed to your business as part of Google's verification process to ensure you are truly the business owner and able to claim the listing.

Once received, call us at 1-877-557-9693 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 8:00 pm EST and provide us with your PIN to activate your listing.  We will do everything for you even though the postcard will also have directions for you to do the activation. Your business will not be visible to anyone on Google® Places until we activate your listing.

Step 3: Each month, we submit your information to ensure your website is indexed with the most current information and can be easily located. This increases the chances you will outperform your competitors!

It is very important that you notify us of any changes in your company name, address or phone number.

Step 4: Continue to call us each month for ongoing search support. You receive 60 minutes of consultation time each month and have access to search engine experts to help you navigate what you need to do to make your website more effective and search engine friendly.  We also will keep your Google® Places listing updated with printable coupons, photos, and more! The more relevant information you add to your Google Places listing, the more optimized your listing becomes.

Best part -- we do it all for you!