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How can I create a blog on my site?

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To add a blog to your website, go to the Add-ons tab in the Website Builder Tool and click on the Blog icon in the Website Extras menu. Drag and drop the Blog icon to the location on your page where you would like it to appear. Decide if you would like to add a new blog or a blog that you previously added to your site. Choose the display name and password for your blog. The Display Name will appear as the author name on your site when you add a new blog entry. You will use the Password to log in to the administrative portion of your blog to add new blog entries. Click Save once complete. You must go to the live version of your website to log in to the administrative area for your blog to add new entries. You cannot add new blog entries within the Website Builder Tool. Make sure to click Publish to make these changes visible on the live version of your website.