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How Can I Install / Re-install the Plug-in?

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It's easy to do so and doesn't take much time:

(1) Go to "Get the Outlook Plug-in"

(2) Click "Download Here"

(3a) For those who use the Internet Explorer browser, click "Run" or "Save"

(3b) For those who use the Firefox browser, click "Save"

(4a) If you clicked "Run", the file will download. Then you will be prompted again; click "Run" once more.

(4b) If you clicked "Save" (for either IE or Firefox), go to the file location and double-click it.

(5) You should now be prompted with the installation setup window. Follow the steps outlined by the setup window.

(6) After prompted to do so, you must restart your machine to begin using the plug-in.


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