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How do I access a shared calendar in Outlook?

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  1. In order to view another nsMail™ Pro user’s shared calendar, first ensure that the user has added you as a shared user to his/her Calendar in webmail: How do I share my Calendar with other nsMail Pro users? 
  2. Ensure Webmail and the nsMail™ Pro Plug-in has been downloaded and installed: nsMail Pro Plugin  
  3. Once you have installed the outlook™ plug-in, simply open Outlook™ and click on the ‘Calendar’ button in the left navigation pane. 
  4. If the other nsMail™ Pro user has successfully added you to their shared calendar, you will see their email address listed under the ‘My Calendars’ section. 
  5. To view this user’s Calendar simply click on the check box next to their email address under ‘My Calendars’

Outlook multiple Caledar view


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