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How do I access the Free Website community forum?

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The Network Solutions Free Website forum is an online community which allows members to access information about the Free Website package and to share ideas with one another. In order to post a topic to the forum or to reply to a thread, you must register for the forum via Account Manager. A link to access and register for the forum is available on the nsWebsite/nsSpace Website Details page. Follow the instructions below to access each of these pages:

The Network Solutions forum registration form will pop up in a new window. Confirm that your email address is correct. Choose a display name that you would like to appear in the forum when posting new topics or replying to existing topics. Then agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Register. Note: Your forum display name is separate from your Network Solutions® account user ID. We suggest that your forum display name be different than your Account Manager user ID.

Once you complete this process you are registered for the Network Solutions forum and can post new topic or reply to existing ones. To access the forum in the future click on the Free Website forum link on the nsWebsite/nsSpace Website Details page in Account Manager. If you have completed the registration process, you will be directed straight to the forum.