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How do I add a Flash file to an ImageCafé® website?

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To add a flash file to your Web site:

 1. Log in to ImageCafé® and click on the Web Site Pages tab

2. Select your page on the Edit This Page button, select the building block where you want to add the flash file, and then click Insert Item

3. Select the Flash/Shockwave radio button and then click Continue

4. In the Choose a File From… drop down menu select whether you want to upload a file from  My computer or Photo and Files

5. Select the way you want the file to playback on your Web site – continuous loop and/or start automatically

6. Type the width and height in the text boxes under Dimensions to set the size of the display for your file (e.g., 400 x 300)

7. Select a radio button under the Display Properties section to set how your file will be displayed – in the same page or in a popup window

8. If you select to have your file popup in a new window, select the check box next to the way you want the file displayed on your Web site page:

  • Text with a link – type the text you want displayed in the text box
  • Icon with a link

9. Click on the Save button to ensure that your new flash file has been saved

10. Click on the Publish Web Sites button in the top navigation bar to publish your changes to the Internet