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How do I add a photo album to a Network Solutions® website?

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To add a Photo Album of images to your Web site:

1. Log into ImageCafe.

2. Click on the My Site Map tab at the top of the page then click on the Site Map button in the top navigation bar

3. Click on the page to which you want to add the photo album then click on the Edit This Page button

4. Select the building block where you want to add the photo album and click on Insert Item, select the radio button in the Images section for Photo Album Creator, then click on the Continue button

Note If you have already predefined the building block as an image, you can click on the Edit Image button in the building block to insert a Full-Sized image or click on the Delete button to reset the building block so you have the option to add a thumbnail or photo album

5. In the Choose an option below to select your images, select the radio button for how you want to upload an image then click on the Continue button

a. Insert an image from your online scrapbook – Select several images from the list provided, holding down the Ctrl key (Windows users) or the Control key (Mac users) to click on separate images, then click on the Continue button

b. Upload an image from your computer – Click on the Browse button, locate the file you want to attach, select it, click on the Open button, click on the next Browse button, and continue until you’ve selected each of the images you want to upload then click on the Continue button 

6. Type a number in the text box next to Position to identify the order the images will appear in your photo album with 1 being the first position, 2 the second position, etc.

7. Click on the Edit button to add a caption to the thumbnail or a description to the popup image then click on the Save button

8. Click on the Save button to ensure your new images have been saved

9. Click on the Align button in the building block to adjust its placement, use the radio buttons to position the image and then click on the Save button

10. Adjust the size of the image by typing the desired size in the text box that appears under the Image, or by clicking the up and down arrow to the left of the text box to adjust the size incrementally, then click on the Ok button

11. Click on the Edit Image button to apply special effects, scale/crop the image, or delete/replace the image

12. Click on the Go Live (Publish) button in the top navigation bar to publish your changes to the Internet

Note Each image and graphic file has a size limit of 5MB, although Network Solutions® recommends using smaller size images as larger images are slower to open in a Web page.

The special effects will only show in the Image Effects Control Panel Page, and in Page Editor. These effects only work in Internet Explorer. The Effects button does not appear for Netscape users, although Netscape® users can select effects for others to view.