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How do I add meta tags to a Network Solutions® website?

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Meta Tags provide critical information that search engines use in their results and rankings. They explain to search engines what your Web site is all about using your own concise description, title and keywords. Network Solutions® recommends the use of Meta Tags to help enhance your possibilities of being listed in search engine results.

 To add Meta Tags to your Web site:

1. Log into ImageCafe

2. In the Use Your Web Site Tools section under Search Engine Submission Tools, click on the Meta Tags link

3. In the Select Page section, select the page in the drop down menu for which you want to set up Meta Tags or select Global to set them up for all of the pages in your Web site

4. In the Page Title section, type a title for your Web site page in the text box – this title will appear in the bar at the top of a visitors browser

5. In the Page Description section, type a concise description of your site in 200 characters or less (including spaces) in the text box

6. In the Keywords section, type the keywords and keyword phrases that clearly describe your Web site

7. Click on the Finish button

8. A pop-up box will notify you that any page specific Meta tags will be overwritten, click on the Ok button

9. Click on the Go Live (Publish) button in the top navigation bar to publish your changes to the Internet 

Your Meta Tags are now active. You can edit, refine or change your Meta Tags at any time through My Site Map. Just click on the page you want to edit then click on the Change Search Engine Keywords button. 

Note Developing very precise keywords will help improve the position of your site in search engine results. For example, if you have a real estate Web site, using the keywords Real Estate is too broad and will reduce the likelihood of your site appearing early in search results. Instead use a more precise phrase, such as Northern Virginia Commercial Real Estate which will greatly improve your list ranking in search results. Another good tip is to make sure your most important keyword is in the title page of your Web site. In the example above, you would type Northern Virginia Real Estate as your page title to help increase your ranking.

If your domain name has already propagated, your new Meta tags will be viewable and available to search engines almost immediately after you publish your Web site.