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How do I become a member of the Sponsored Community?

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During the Sunrise AT, AD phases, following are the steps to complete the member authentication process (this needs to be completed within the timeframe specified in the member authentication email):

1.     Once you complete your .XXX domain name application, the ICM Registry will create the member account on the ICM Registry side and will email you to complete the authentication process. The link provided in the email has an expiration of 72 hours.  If the applicant tries it on the 73rd hour, there will be a link on ICM Registry website to resend another authentication email.

2.     You will receive an email and click on the ‘Finish Creating My Account’ link in the email.

3.     Once on the ICM website, you will be prompted to enter ‘name’, ‘new password’ and ‘date of birth’.

4.     Then, you will also be asked to enter an address (personal or business) as well as a direct phone number in which you can be reached at in the next few minutes.

5.     You will then choose the language in which they will receive the phone call in (currently in English, French, Spanish, and German) and click ‘next’.

6.     You will receive a phone call and will receive the pin to enter into the member account.

7.     You will enter that pin# into the website and once the pin# is validated, the process will be complete and the applicant will receive their Member Contact ID. Keep in safe place for further use.