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How do I choose a strong password?

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Your password is your key to your Network Solutions® account. If someone obtains your User ID and Password they can change your contact information, re-point your website or even transfer out the domain. So, choose your password carefully and keep it safe.

Here are some quick tips for choosing a strong password — one that is difficult to guess.

  • Choose a password that you will remember
  • The more characters you include, the better, and mix uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters (! @ # $ % ^ & *)
  • Avoid using personal information (such as family names, street address,
  • Don't make it obvious by repeating numbers (such as 2222) or using a common sequence (such as ABCD, 98765)
  • Put a new spin on a familiar phrase or lyric by substituting letters with numbers (MickeyMouse could become M1ck3yM0us3; ILoveYou could become 1L0v3Y0u)


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