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How do I configure SMART (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool)?

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To configure SMART:

1.         Launch the SiteLock Dashboard 


  • Login to account manager
  • Click on the "My SSL Certificates & Seals"
  • Select the box next to your SiteLock product and click the "Manage" button
  • Click the "Launch" button to access your SiteLock Daskboard


2.         Once in the dashboard, select site from the dropdown

3.         Click the "Settings" link in the top menu next to the SiteLock logo.

4.         On the "Settings" page, click the "SMART Settings" tab.

5.         Enter your site's FTP address into the field labeled "FTP host address" (this information can be found in the Control Panel).

6.         Enter your FTP username for this site into the "User ID" field.

7.         Enter your site's FTP password into the "Password" field.

8.         Select "Yes, remove malicious code automatically" from the "Automatically remove malware" dropdown box.

9.         Select "Normal (1 connection)" from the "Select a speed for FTP file downloads" dropdown box.

10.       Leave the "Root Directory" field blank.

11.       Leave the "(S)FTP Port number" field blank.

12.       Leave the "Maximum Download Time for your website data synchronization" dropdown box in the default position (30 minutes/day).

13.       Select how frequently you want the scan to run from the "Scan Frequency" dropdown.

14.       Click the "Submit" button.

15.       When the box pops up asking if you want to run the scan now, click "Yes". Your scan will be queued and you can check the results of the scan in the SiteLock dashboard.