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How do I delete a building block?

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Building Blocks are the basic structural units of your Web site pages. Using the building blocks you can add and edit content, including text, images, files, and other tools such as counters and feedback forms.

To delete a building block:

1. Log in to ImageCafe

2. Click on the My Site Map tab at the top of the page then click on the Site Map button in the top navigation bar

3. Click on the page for which you want to delete a building block then click on the Edit This Page button

4. Click on the Delete Block button located above the upper right corner of the building block you want to remove

5. You may receive a dialog box asking for confirmation of the delete – if you are sure you want to remove the block then click on the Delete button

Your building block has been removed, but you will need to click on the Go Live (Publish) button in the top navigation bar to publish your changes to the Internet.

Note  If you purchased your Web site as part of a Hosting Package after 01/28/2005, please reference the Web site information under Web Hosting.

Deleting a building block will permanently remove both the block and any content that is in that block. If you have saved items in the building block such as images, animations or audio/video files, they will remain saved in your Scrapbook.